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Storyteller's Lecture Series: Mike Carlo

Storyteller's Lecture Series: Mike Carlo


Before my time in animation working professionally as an artist, I had a much different idea of what working in the industry would be like than what it actually was. This, I feel, is something you can only gain through experience and everyone may have a different experience, with their own lessons to learn. I myself have learned valuable and humbling lessons that have not only given me the ability to continue working steadily, but which have also motivated and inspired me to pursue my personal work and to constantly learn and evolve the way I make films and tell stories.



A graduate of the School of Visual Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a major in traditional animation, Mike has been a working artist for over ten years with clients and employers for both N.Y. and L.A. He has worked in various facets of animation including advertising, television, and feature films as a Director, Designer, Animation Director and Writer.

Currently on staff at the N.Y. branch of the country's largest independent animation studio, Titmouse Inc. where he works as an in-house director for various professional projects, as well as writing and direct personal projects.

Recent credits include: Animation/ Art Director for Bobcat Goldwait's "Misfits and Monsters" Director of "Good Morning" more guest director shorts for "Uncle Grandpa", Director and designer of the Intro to IFC's T.V. series "Comedy Crib", as well as directing promotional animations for Cartoon Networks adult swim.



The Storyteller’s Series at the School of Visual Arts invites visual storytellers from all walks of life, careers and media to share their work, professional practice, personal development and creative approach to Visual Narrative. This series is open to the public and SVA students.

Presented by the MFA Visual Narrative program and the School of Visual Arts Library.

Mfavn.sva.edu | @MFAVN

Library.sva.edu | @SVAlibary

Wednesday, June 27, 2018
6:30pm - 8:30pm
Library West
133 W 21st St (North side)

Event Organizer

David Pemberton

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